AirportSIM looks like a fun realistic simulator

The new AirportSIM looks like a fun realistic simulator. AirportSim by MS Games and MK Studios was brought to my attention recently by AusFlightSimmer on youtube. Going by the official trailer, AirportSim looks fantastic. It will most certainly appeal to anyone interested in learning more about working around aircraft as a ground crew member. The simulator provides various aircraft ground handling roles; including Ramp Agent and Aircraft Fueling. It does not look like it includes aircraft de-icing, but perhaps maybe that will be included in the future?

Official trailer for AirportSIM.

AirportSIM is has been described by its creators as and an advanced simulator, enabling you to play the role of various ground services. These services include welcoming passengers, downloading baggage, aircraft fueling and pushing back aircraft. Included is the ability to manipulate time and the weather to any conditions you choose, but also can provide accurate real-time weather too.

AirportSIM looks like a fun realistic simulator
A B737 being refueled when parked at the gate.

The graphics or visuals of AirportSIM are described as true-to-life visuals. The video and images portray an accurate perception of working around aircraft. There are minor differences from real life, but it certainly does not detract from AirportSIM.


An example of AirportSIM differing from real life is the image of the B737 fuel panel. The fuel panel in real life is reversed from what appears in the image below. If I were to guess; it would be so aircraft manufacturers could not make any legal claims of patent infringement? However, that is only a guess.

The B737 fuel panel is accurately depicted, however in real life the fuel hose connection is on the other side of the panel switches and gauges. Also, in real life the fuel panel door opens in the other direction. I realize it is very minor, but that’s all that appears to differ from real-life.

AirportSIM looks like a fun realistic simulator
The fuel panel of a B737.

In case you are wondering why it matters which direction the fuel panel opens, consider this potential scenario. If all four locking mechanisms of the fuel panel were to fail (and they do wear out), this would lead to the panel opening inflight. If the panel opened up as depicted above during flight, it would be completely ripped off from the high speed airflow. Obviously this could potentially cause unwanted damage to the aircraft and would be extremely costly. Not to mention a missing fuel panel would certainly increase drag on the aircraft.

In real life, the fuel panel opens in the other direction specifically to prevent being ripped off during flight. If the fuel panel locking mechanisms were to fail and the panel opened inflight, the panel will remain closed due to the high speed airflow. You’ll find most aircraft manufacturers design panels to open in a direction that will keep them closed inflight due to the high speed airflow if they were to become unlocked.

AirportSIM looks like a fun realistic simulator
A real life B737-900 Fuel Panel.
AirportSIM looks like a fun realistic simulator
A real life B737-900 fuel panel.
AirportSIM looks like a fun realistic simulator
A B737 parked at the gate with a pushback and towbar.

Gaming Modes

There are also various game modes for players to experience. Scenario mode, Free Roam, Challenge mode and Co-Op mode.

Scenario mode takes place at a specific location and time, with specific weather conditions. A lot of the scenarios are based on real time flight schedules.

Free roam mode enables you the freedom to receive random tasks with the ability to completely control the weather and time of day.

AirportSIM looks like a fun realistic simulator
Your options for choosing the weather and time of day.

Challenge mode is as the name suggests, about keeping tasks done within the time limit and with high levels of accuracy. Your score can be compared to friends and other players.

Co-Op mode enables you to work as a team with friends or other AirportSIM players around the world. This would be interesting to watch if you can round up a team of great players.

AirportSIM looks like a fun realistic simulator
An airport tug with a baggage cart and luggage.


As an AirportSIM player, you’ll have the ability to add further add-ons through the steam workshop and tools. The tools include the ability to create your own flight schedule and even add your own airline paint schemes then share them with the AirportSIM community.

The airports included in AirportSIM are Warsaw, Vágar, Keflavik and Key West. Additional airports will become available.

The two aircraft types included in AirportSIM are the B737 and the A320 NEO. Both aircraft which I am very familiar with in real life.

AirportSIM is to be released for both the PC and X-Box Series S and X. No specific date has been issued, however a time frame of Q2 of 2023 has been given. So at a guess AirportSIM is expected to become available sometime between April and June 2023.

AirportSIM has official partnerships with many aviation companies, leading to the accuracy of the simulator. We’ll get to experience a simulator like never before at the forefront of ground handling with AirportSim.

AirportSIM looks like a fun realistic simulator and this is something I am most certainly looking forward to.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by e-mail. Thank you.

Ashley Wincer

An Indianapolis based Australian working towards building flight time to meet the US ATP requirements. Currently works full time as a contractor for multiple Part 121 US Airlines. Previously has worked as a US Flight Dispatcher, Ramp Agent and Operations Ramp Controller.

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