Cessna 172 Engine Startup and Shutdown Procedure

The Cessna 172 engine startup and shutdown procedure sounds like a long complex task, but the fact is, it’s simple.  The short video tutorial demonstrates how simple and easy it is to start up a Cessna 172 engine and also shut it down again.

When I was first taught to fly, the first lesson was, how to start the engine.  The very next thing I was taught, how to shut the engine down.  If you can start the engine, you need to know how to shut it down.  It is a safety issue. If the student pilot starts the engine and there is an engine fire, it needs to be shut down immediately. This way, the student will know how to shutdown the engine from day 1. It is a safety reason why I have combined both the startup and shut down procedure in the same video.  If you learn how to start the engine, you need to know how to shut it down too.

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