Checkride Engine Failure Air Crash Investigation

This video is a recreation of an actual Air Crash Investigation involving a Beechcraft Duchess BE76. The Pilot, who held a Private Pilot License with over 2,100 hours, suffered an engine failure during a Multi-Engine Commercial Checkride. The Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) took control and landed the aircraft with the Landing Gear in the retracted position. NTSB Aircraft Accident Investigation Case ERA17LA077.

On December 30th 2016, a Private Pilot doing his Multi-Commercial Checkride flew a Beechcraft Duchess BE76 from Crystal River Airport (KCGC) to Marion County Airport (X35) for the purpose of conducting a Multi-Engine Commercial Checkride. The engine failure simulations all went according to plan. However an actual engine failure took place on take-off from Marion County Airport (X35) bound for Crystal River Airport (KCGC) where the flight originated.

The Pilot demonstrated a Short Field Take-Off from RWY 05 at Marion County Airport, only to suffer an actual engine failure of the Right Engine at 100 feet above the ground (AGL). After retracting the gear there was a loud thud and the Right Engine failed almost immediately.

The Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) determined there was not enough performance to clear the obstacles, so he took control of the aircraft and landed it with the gear up on the grass east of RWY 05.

The aircraft suffered substantial damage as a result of the wheels up landing, however neither occupant was injured. There was no fire at the scene either.

The FAA Inspector examined the Right Engine to discover the Single-Drive Dual magneto had separated from the accessory pad and was laying in the engine compartment. The two nuts and clamps used to attach the magneto to the mounting studs were missing. The mounting studs appeared undamaged.

The NTSB investigation findings concluded the most recent 100 Hourly inspection, conducted 27 flight hours prior to the accident, was inadequate. The inspection failed to detect and correct loose nuts on a single-drive dual magneto. This is led to the subsequent separation of the magneto from the engine during the initial climb and total loss of engine power.

The official NTSB report is Accident Number ERA17LA077, which can be downloaded by clicking on the link to download the Official Aircraft Accident Investigation Report.

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