Flying the NDB Approach into Moorabbin Airport

This video shows flying the NDB Approach into Moorabbin Airport (YMMB) in my favorite light twin, the BE76 Beechcraft Duchess. The NDB approach tracks over quite a large area.

Download the YMMB NDB-A Approach Plate used in the video.

It’s amazing how large an area you fly over with the YMMB NDB-A approach. It starts off overhead Moorabbin airport, the hold takes you as far as Springvale South then out past the suburb of Beaumaris over the bay. Once your about 7nm away from the NDB over the bay, you turn inbound towards the suburb of Blackrock. From there you track back to Moorabbin airport. Take a look at the post flight analysis to see the actual flight path flown from start to finish. You’ll be amazed how large an area it is.

Flying the NDB Approach into Moorabbin Airport
Flying over the suburb of Ringwood tracking towards the Moorrabbin NDB. The Lilydale and Belgrave train line split in Ringwood can be seen below the right engine.

For twin engine aircraft, this approach is fine, but for single-engine aircraft there is one important safety factor you need to consider. This approach will take single-engine aircraft outside gliding distance from land. Keep that in mind next time you fly this approach in a single-engine aircraft.

Flying the NDB Approach into Moorabbin Airport
The Moorabbin NDB Approach takes single-engine aircraft beyond gliding distance over the bay.

In real IFR flying though, outside of training, you would opt to fly one of the specific Runway GPS Approaches instead of the NDB approach.

More Air Crash videos will be coming soon. I am waiting to upgrade my monitor to 4K within the next week or two. It will vastly improve video production quality. Once the upgrade takes place, more Air Crash videos will follow, as this is mainly where I want to focus my attention.

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