Matter of Opinion by Misha Bear music video has officially launched

In July 2018 a good friend of mine and fellow RMIT Advertising colleague, Sharon Wright, approached me to produce another video.  This production was to be a music video for one of her good friends, Misha Bear.  I can assure you, Misha Bear is an awesome Melbourne based musician who writes and sings beautifully.  Misha also happens to be a fun, loving and friendly person.  What more can you ask for in a client?  Matter of Opinion by Misha Bear music video has officially launched. press play below to watch the music video.

Before production started, Misha was shown a sample of my recent video production work, Sup Street.  It was one of four short films created with the assistance of Ann Pulbrook.  The sample shown was the fourth episode titled “Sup Street celebrates Cinco De Mayo”.

Both Ann and I were very happy with the production of Sup Street and it was the first time I’ve introduced backgrounds from a pc game to tell a story.  The backgrounds used in this episode were adopted from the game Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V.  Earlier episodes of Sup Street used stock photos as backgrounds, which is very limiting.

This is episode four of the mini-series – Sup Street celebrates Cinco de Mayo.

As much as I would love to take full credit for the background idea, I’ll be the first to admit it was not my original idea to use gaming backgrounds.  The idea came from Clayton Jacobson and Shane Jacobson, with their short film series Mordy Koots back in 2009.  I loved the idea back then and it stuck with me.  For the serious b-grade horror film fans out there, this is the same Clayton Jacobson who edited the classic Australian horror movie – Houseboat Horror.  Rock on Clayton, I loved Houseboat Horror!!

3D gaming graphics can provide an unlimited number of suitable virtual locations.  GTA V is perfect, it is an entire 3D city, which any camera angle or location can be used.  I strongly encourage others to use gaming backgrounds for future film making productions.

The entire mini-series of Sup Street was filmed in my small apartment in Melbourne.  It is amazing what can be done with digital video, lights, a green screen and video editing software.  The exact same process was used to produce Misha’s music video, only the backgrounds were filmed at various locations across Melbourne instead.  The puppet actions were once again filmed in my small apartment.

Matter of Opinion by Misha Bear music video has officially launched

Screen shot from the music video Matter of Opinion by Misha Bear. In front of the State Library of Victoria.

Overall I believe the music video is my best video production work yet.  It was certainly a nice change to work on a music video instead of an advertising campaign.  The pre-production process was completely different and much more relaxed.  I would certainly enjoy working on more music videos in the future.

A big thank must go to Sharon Wright for finding me this gig.  Without Sharon, I would not have been offered this wonderful opportunity.  Matter of Opinion by Misha Bear is from the album Ladybug, which is available through iTunes.

Misha Bear can be found through her website, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, iTunes and Instagram.

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