The Himbos – Episode 1 Auditions

A new production company, Himbo Productions, consisting of Ann Pulbrook and Ashley Wincer has been formed to create kids puppet  videos.  The Himbos has been created partly as an experiment, but also as an opportunity to further build on our creative film making skills.

The Himbos is an online series about the adventures of the Himbo family.  Episode 1 is simply an audition of the various characters to start off in the Himbo series.  All of The Himbos series is available online through youtube.  Click on the video below to watch episode 1 of The Himbos.

Ashley Wincer

An Indianapolis based Australian working towards building flight time to meet the US ATP requirements. Works full time as an Aircraft Fueler and Aircraft Deicer during winter operations. Previously has worked as a US Flight Dispatcher, Ramp Agent and Operations Ramp Controller.

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