The podcast all Youtubers must listen to and understand

Podcasts have become part of my regular routine and I’ve listened to quite a few.  Currently I’m focused on podcasts enabling me to learn more about digital advertising and marketing.  Since I’m trying to find full-time employment involving marketing, I want to learn what I can.  If you are considering making a living as a Youtuber, this is The podcast all Youtubers must listen to and understand.

This particular podcast episode by Roberto Blake is titled “YOUTUBE MONEY: and How to Survive without YouTube Ads.”  This episode is loaded with helpful advice about generating income through multiple sources on youtube.  You should NOT rely on Google Adsense alone as your only source of income.  Sound familiar??

While the podcast was playing, I imagined hearing Jim Cramer’s voice echoing the words, “There is no such thing as a free lunch on Wall Street, except diversification!”  Or words to that effect.  Well, the exact same applies with your Youtube income or soon to be income sources.  You need diverse income sources, not just the one source.  The reason is simple, to try and protect your overall Youtube income portfolio as best you can.

If you are actually serious about wanting to generate an income through Youtube, I highly recommend downloading this podcast episode (the podcast is embedded at the top of this article), make 47 minutes of your life available to sit down, listen and learn.  I’m not kidding.

Perhaps I am a little biased, but I could completely relate to the philosophy of this particular podcast. (That was how I felt when I was listening.)  It’s a very similar philosophy to the ways I have been taught to invest.  My investing mentors include the likes of Warren Buffett (Long Term Dividend Investor), Jim Cramer (Mad Money), Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) and others.

If you are serious about using Youtube as your source of income, consider the multiple options mentioned in the podcast that are already available.  Roberto also provides plenty of recent historical case studies to reinforce his reasoning and approach to generating multiple income sources through Youtube.

Having watched many of Roberto Blake’s youtube videos and listened to his audio podcasts, he is very knowledgeable, an excellent teacher and has the credibility. (July 2017 – 247,710 Subscribers & 16,059,742 views).  Speaking of Youtube credibility, I cannot go without mentioning Derral Eves, another excellent source for Youtube information.

If your considering Youtube as your source of income, hopefully I have convinced you to spend 47 minutes weighing up your income source options.  All I ask is that you not jump into Youtube shooting from the hip, hoping to make an easy fortune.  If there is one thing I am certain of, it will require a lot of hard dedicated work.

One Youtuber example is from Alanah Pearce below.  Alanah makes it clear she does not rely on Youtube Ads as a source of income.


Ashley Wincer

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