TV Ads

TV Ads created as part of the Certificate IV and Diploma in Advertising at RMIT.  The Morwell Neighbourhood House TVC was one of Ashleys volunteer work pieces created prior to attending RMIT.

Metro Campaign

 The 30 second Metro TVC was created by both Ashley Wincer and Sharon Wright as part of the Diploma in Advertising at RMIT.  The awesome RMIT Teacher Michelle Lackenby.  This was created strictly for the RMIT Diploma in Advertising course.  The brief required no dialogue and run time between 20 and 30 seconds.  There were 5 topics to choose from and we selected Fatigue.

Reach Enterprises Campaign

The 1 min 23 sec promo was created as part of the Reach Enterprises Integrated Marketing Campaign.  Voice Over Artist Norman Wright.  Our awesome RMIT Teacher Felicity Burns.  The group, 8 minds, consisted of Ashley Wincer, Sharon Wright, Stephen Rutkowski and Chris Ackroyd.

Morwell Neighbourhood House Campaign

The Morwell Neighbourhood House 30 sec TVC was created and ran as a digital ad on youtube during the 2014 State elections in and around the Morwell area in Latrobe Valley.  Geographical targeting was used, this youtube ad only appeared to youtube viewers located in Morwell and Latrobe Valley area.

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