Upgrading from X-Plane 11 to MSFS 2020

You may have noticed I have not posted any new Flight Sim videos for over a month now. Like many people, I am in the process of upgrading from X-Plane 11 to MSFS 2020. Although today I discovered this will take a little time.

As soon as Microsoft officially announced the release date for the new Flight Sim 2020, I ceased all video productions with X-Plane 11. The reason being, as great a flight simulator X-Plane 11 is, it cannot visually compete with MSFS 2020. Even with Ortho4XP installed in X-Plane 11, it is unable to compete with MSFS2020.

Obviously video is primarily a visual platform supported with sound. After seeing MSFS2020, I’ve found it difficult to go back to watching X-Plane 11 footage. I am not sure if that’s how others feel about it?

Upgrading from X-Plane 11 to MSFS 2020
The Beechcraft Duchess BE76 flying over Eagle Creek, Indiana in X-Plane 11.

As of today, August 19th 2020, I have finally gone through the tedious process of downloading all 95 gigs of data of the new flight sim. After starting up the new sim, I quickly discovered my computer really struggled to run MSFS2020. From a video production perspective, it was unwatchable. It seems I’m also upgrading my desktop computer now. This will naturally put further delays on any Flight Sim video productions.

It comes as a bit of disappointment for me, as I was really looking forward to creating content to go towards my Flight Instructor rating lesson plans. This only puts a minor delay on that plan, but it will still proceed.

With everything going on at the moment, it will likely be a two or three months before I’m creating new Flight Sim content. I am really looking forward to upgrading from X-Plane 11 to MSFS 2020.

In the mean time, keep watching other awesome youtube Flight Sim creators I often watch myself; such as Aus Flight Simmer, Squirrel, ObsidianAnt, Jeff Favignano and MagzTV.

If you have any questions you can always send me an e-mail. Thank you..

Have fun and happy flight simming..

Ashley Wincer

An Indianapolis based Australian working towards building flight time to meet the US ATP requirements. Currently works full time as a contractor for multiple Part 121 US Airlines. Previously has worked as a US Flight Dispatcher, Ramp Agent and Operations Ramp Controller.


  1. So sad to hear you’re “upgrading” from X Plane 11 to MSFS2020. I’d call it a downgrade, if you are hoping for a well rounded flight simulator experience. I have both, a pretty good PC, and have spent weeks trying to find in MSFS2020 the same flying experience and realism behind the yoke that X Plane 11 gives. Nope, MSFS2020 cannot deliver. Planes do not behave like they should, G1000 panel sucks badly, IFR is a joke, autopilot is faulty. MSFS2020 lacks all the true dynamics of a flight sim. It is just an “aerial game” for sightseeing – not for practicing IFR procedures or any other module from a flight school. X Plane and Prepared3D can do this. MSFS2020 seemed to be designed for non-pilots so they can have the thrill of a beautiful view while pretending to be flying a plane. While the graphics of X-Plane can’t compete with the ones in MSFS2020, I enjoy practicing flying more than looking out the window and in this respect, X Plane and Prepared3D deliver.

    I thought I was going to give up X-Plane 11 after the release of MSFS2020. Now I value that software even more.

  2. G’day Sergio, I completely agree with you. Visually MSFS2020 is outstanding, but that’s where it ends. My computer struggles to run MSFS2020, but runs X-Plane 11 without a hitch. I am glad I did not uninstall X-Plane 11, as I will be using it to create videos for lesson plans when I start working on my Flight Instructor rating..

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