Web Banners

These are some sample animated web banners created as part of various advertising campaigns completed through RMIT Certificate IV in Advertising and Diploma in Advertising.  The Jelly Belly and King Gee campaign were individual assessments.  The Metro campaign was a group campaign by Ashley Wincer and Sharon Wright.

The Jelly Belly banner was created to resemble the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk.  Without the beans the whole story could not have taken place.  Jelly Belly beans are gourmet and it is a strong word.  It was important to tie the fairytale to gourmet jelly beans.  The Jelly Belly logo rotating back and fourth is to catch the web browsers eye.  If the web browser does not read the copy, they will clearly see the Jelly Belly logo, which is shaped just like their jelly beans.  The jelly beans on the hand are to show how much variety is available.  Also animated to catch the viewers eye.

The King Gee web banner was created specifically for the King Gee Work Cool 2 clothing line.  The various media chosen was based strictly based on market research and determining the target market suitable for the clothing line.

The Metro animated web banner was limited to 5 seconds.  As a result, each frame is displayed for 1.5 seconds total 3 frames is 4.5 seconds.  One and a half seconds was determined to be enough time to read each frame.  The images were specifically chosen to match the 30 second TVC, with the doll as the fatigued train driver character.

An attempt has been made to make the banner ads have been designed to counter online ad blockers.  If you manage to block any of the banners below using ad blocking software, I would love to know.  Thank you.

Jelly Belly and King Gee were NOT clients.

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