X-Plane 11 Flight Simulator Videos to Train Pilots

Currently I am in the process of getting re-qualified to earn an Australian Flight Instructor Rating.  The flight simulator I’m currently using, X-Plane 11, is an excellent trainer.  I would like to create X-Plane 11 flight simulator videos to train pilots.

Previously flight simulators have only been suitable for IFR flight training, but not any more.  Years ago, flight simulators reached a point where they became suitable for visual navigation flights.  I highly encourage flight students to practice what they are taught by their flight instructors.  It is a legitimate way to try and reduce the time and costs of flight training.

My favorite type of flying has always been VFR, particular visual navigation flights.  Learning how to visually navigate is an art.  When I say visual navigation, I am talking about flying without any reference to any navigation aids.  The only tools used are a watch, map and a compass.  They are the only three basic tools required to visually navigate with reference to the ground.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy flying IFR and getting an instrument rating only improved my flying skills.  No argument there!  However, it was always the VFR flying I found more enjoyable.  Some people may disagree with me, but I find visual navigation more challenging and enjoyable than IFR navigation.

As you may have guessed, visual navigation is not quite as precise as IFR navigation.  Visual navigation is precise enough to enable you to find your way around the world, as long as you can make reference to the ground on a regular basis.  (Oceanic flights not included.)

It has been over 5 years since I last flew an aircraft, so I am a little rusty to say the least.  I decided to jump on to the flight simulator and do a simple VFR navigation flight from Manassas, Virginia (KHEF) to Winchester, Virginia (KOKV).  I managed to visually navigate to the correct airport.  If you watch the video, you’ll see it is not a difficult thing to do.

X-Plane 11 Flight Simulator Videos to Train Pilots

Simple flight plan from Manassas, Virginia (KHEF) to Winchester, Virginia (KOKV).

If you do watch the video, keep in mind it has been over 5 years since I last flew an actual aircraft or flight simulator.  The prepaid flight plan is located below.  It was the only preparation for this short VFR flight.  (TOC is Top of Climb.)  The visual navigation chart located below was downloaded from Skyvector.com.

X-Plane 11 Flight Simulator Videos to Train Pilots

VFR chart KHEF to KOKV. Downloaded from Skyvector.com. (Click on map to enlarge)

I do hope you enjoy the video and get something out of it.  I will continue to improve and make more videos as the flight instructor course starts, enjoy..

Ashley Wincer

An Indianapolis based Australian working towards building flight time to meet the US ATP requirements. Currently works full time as a contractor for multiple Part 121 US Airlines. Previously has worked as a US Flight Dispatcher, Ramp Agent and Operations Ramp Controller.

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